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The Best Wedding Party Gifts

Great Groomsmen Gift wedding novelties

Having a wedding is a special event where you are surround by your nearest and dearest friends and family members. Many of them will make up the wedding party and while it is an honor to be a part of anyone’s wedding party, it is also important for the bride and groom to show their appreciation to their wedding party for the time and effort that they have dedicated towards supporting their union. Therefore wedding party gifts are essential for both the bride and groom in order to seem grateful to the people who have supported them the most. Wedding party gifts are often themed after the wedding and usually are meant  to use especially for the big day. However at Funky Groom Gear we provide wedding party gifts that are perfect for the day of the wedding and way afterwards.

Engraved and Embroidered Gifts

A great gift for your best man is something that is personal and a little bit nicer than the usual wedding party gifts. At Funky Groom Gear we have a great selection of engraved and embroidered gifts that would be perfect for a best man or special groomsman. Engraved and embroidered items add a personal and unique touch to a wedding party gift that will show your best man, he truly is special.  From engraved cigar boxes and koozie cans to monogrammed toiletry cases, Funky Groom Wear has the perfect gift to say thank you to your best man. At Funky Groom Wear we have perfected the art of gift giving to your groomsmen.

Gift Sets

Another way to step up your gift giving to your wedding party are giving gift sets to members of your wedding party.  At Funky Groom Gear we have a variety of gift sets complete with engraved and monogrammed items included to give a personal touch. These sets also come with wedding themed apparel that can be worn during or after the ceremony.  In addition, we even have deals on buying multiples of these sets so you can treat all your groomsmen with worry about the cost! Trust Funky Groom Gear to provide with you the best wedding party gifts that you can give your groomsmen!

Grooms, order from Funky Groom Gear today for gifts for your groomsmen today! All orders over seventy-five dollars ship free. To order the perfect gifts for your groomsmen today, simply call 818-724-4586!


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