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The Best Novelty Gifts for Weddings

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Weddings should be a source of joy and delight, not just for the bride and groom, but for the wedding party and the attendants as well. Which is why at Funky Groom Gear we try to create novelty gifts for wedding parties that will be sure to put a smile on your face and add an air of levity to a very serious day. We carry a wide selection of silly and classic novelty gifts for both bridal parties and groomsmen so that both sides can have the most joyous day as possible. Funky Groom Gear works to make your wedding as stress-free as possible with our easy-to-order wedding novelties. Read on to learn how Funky Groom Gear can help create a loving atmosphere through their wedding novelty gifts.

Chuckle Down the Aisle

Weddings can be incredibly stressful events for not only the people getting married, but also for the entire wedding party as well. Therefore, at Funky Groom Gear, we promote as much stress-relieving laughter as possible during the drawn-out nuptial process as possible.Funky Groom Gear provides a large selection of hilarious novelty gifts that will be sure to have your wedding party chuckling down the aisle. For example, we carry a selection of matching groom and groomsmen boxer briefs that are embossed with groomsmen right on the rump. These pieces of underwear  are sure to bring laughter as the groom and his groomsmen get ready for his big day.

In addition, Funky Groom Gear also carries matching, embossed  groom, best man, and general groomsmen socks that will be perfect for pictures and can also match the set of groomsmen boxer briefs that we provide. Be sure to shop Funk Groom Gear for silly novelty gifts for your wedding.

Swag it Out

At Funky Groom Gear we believe that silly gifts can also be cool. Which is why we provide high-quality sunglasses that are perfect for bridal parties as well as groomsmen. Our sunglasses can be worn during the reception for outdoor weddings and even during the ceremony for a “cool guy” look. In addition, we also carry sunglasses that also double as bottle openers to promote a truly care-free reception. Shop with Funky Groom Gear to have the trendiest novelty gifts for yoru wedding party.

Order from Funky Groom Gear today for amazing wedding novelties! All orders over seventy-five dollars ship free. To order the perfect wedding novelties today, simply call 818-724-4586!



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