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Plan Ahead - Where to Get Socks for Groomsmen

wedding socks

As the groom, you may not think there are nearly as many details for you to remember about your wedding as your bride. While she may get wrapped up in many things going on for the wedding, you think you are pretty much done after getting the rings, figuring out the honeymoon plans or getting your tuxedo. Before you start to relax too much, do not forget that you are responsible for the guys in your wedding party and making sure they are dressed and ready for the big day. You know the blame will fall on you if one of them does something wrong, so taking care of any potential crisis before it erupts on the wedding day is good planning. Something as simple as knowing where to get socks for groomsmen can help ward off a problem on the big day.

Someone Will Forget Socks

There is a pretty good bet that if you have more than one guy in your wedding party that someone is going to forget something. It could be a bow tie, a razor for shaving, shoe polish for their shoes or a pair of socks. Instead of everyone scrambling around at the church or hotel where you are having your wedding, trying to pilfer items from other guests or staff, it is a good idea for you to be proactive as the groom and have items at the ready. Bring along an “emergency kit” with you that has items like razors, extra bow ties, mouthwash, aspirin and antacids, and yes, socks, so that you are ready.

Socks for Groomsmen

They May as Well be Fun Socks

Since you are going to have to bring socks anyway, you may as well make them fun socks for groomsmen and get them from us at Funky Groom Gear. We can supply you with groomsmen socks in the color you need to match your suits or tuxedos and have them printed with “Groomsman” on them so the guys know who they are, what their role and can smile a little over the course of the day over the gift.

Be the Socks Boy Scout of the Day

You have heard the old Boy Scouts motto “Be Prepared?” Well, now is the time for you to be prepared and have the socks for groomsmen on hand and at the ready for the guy or two (or three) that forgets to bring their socks to the wedding. Place your order now with us at Funky Groom Gear so you are sure to have the socks in plenty of time ahead of the wedding so you can relax and know you did all you could to make the guys toe the line for the day.

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