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Match it Up with Groomsman Socks for the Guys

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You love your buddies, and that is why you made them a big part of your wedding and wedding party, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you have some worries. Okay, it is not really in the back of your mind since your fiancée brings it up all the time, so you worry about your friends showing up on time and dressed right for pictures and the wedding itself. You have made all the right plans to get them there on time, and you picked out the right tuxedoes for the event. Now you must rely on them dressing right from head to toe. Is this too much to ask? It might be for that one groomsman that is a bit out there (yes, we are talking about you, Dave). It might be a good idea for you to take some initiative and get some groomsman socks for everyone, so you know they will be okay.

Avoid the Inevitable

The day of the wedding is a hectic time for everyone in the wedding party. It can be easy to see why something might get lost in the shuffle like a pair of socks. However, the last thing you want is for Dave, I mean someone, to show up and not have a pair of socks, leaving him to wear his mismatched, one white, one rainbow-colored sock to the wedding for everyone to see. You can already sense the death stares you will get from the bridge for something like this happening. Instead, you can nip this problem in the bud and turn to us at Funky Groom Gear for help.

The Socks to Save the Day

Here at Funky Groom Gear, we offer the groomsman socks that are perfect for Dave and everyone else in your wedding party. You can get basic black socks printed with “Groomsman” on them and have a pair to give each guy for the event. While you can pass it off as a fun thank you gift for everyone taking part in the wedding, you will know that you really did so everyone matches, pictures go well, and you can keep the peace for the day.

Place the Order Before You Forget

Why not avoid the inevitable “Dave” moment and get the groomsman socks you know you will need today? See us at Funky Groom Gear when you visit and order the set of socks for the groomsmen in your wedding party today. While you are at it, maybe you should order a pair of boxer briefs for Dave too, just in case.

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