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Liven Up the Wedding Pictures with Cool Groomsman Socks

groomsman socks

Several rituals go along with your wedding day, but one that seems to stand out to everyone is the wedding pictures that are taken that day. As the groom, you can prepare yourself to spend a long time taking various posed pictures before, during and after the wedding with anyone and everyone. There are pictures with the bride, your parents, her parents, your family, her family, the bridal party, and even pictures you must take with Uncle Stu and Aunt Miriam, whom you may have met once when you were six. All those posed pictures might seem a bit dull to you as you try to look interested, but you can have some fun with the pictures and liven things up a bit with some cool groomsman socks we sell here at Funky Groom Gear.

Get the Guys Some Socks

Socks may not seem like something you would give to your buddies before your wedding, but just hear us out for a minute. You can get special socks made for the wedding, identifying each member of your wedding party with “Groom,” “Best Man,” and “Groomsman.” We can even make socks for your Dad, the ring bearer or anyone else you want to include. You can also place a custom order and get whatever you want screen printed on the socks to mark the occasion. Whatever you choose, you can hand out the socks to the guys and get ready for some picture fun.

Flash Those Socks!

When you are all standing around taking another posed picture that your photographer wants, it will be the perfect time to flash the groomsman socks and get some attention. You can have the photographer take a picture as you each hike up your pant legs to reveal the socks you have for the day. We can guarantee that people will take notice and smile and that picture will be the one that people look for the most among your wedding pictures.

Get Your Socks Order In

Groomsman SocksThere is no time like the present to get your groomsman socks order in here at Funky Groom Gear so we can make sure to get them to you in plenty of time for the wedding. You can place your order right here on our website safely and securely, and we can get your socks out to you as soon as possible. If you want to get a custom order done, call us at 818-724-4586, and we will be happy to go over the ordering with you to make sure everything is right and ready for the wedding. Do not forget to smile as you all show of your socks in the pictures!

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