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Lighten the Day with Fun Groom Underwear

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When most of us think of fun underwear, the fact is that our thoughts immediately turn to the fun and sexy lingerie that women can wear. This notion is especially true when it comes to considering weddings. We all think about the beautiful bride and the sexy things she can choose from to wear under her gown. So where does this leave the groom? Is he doomed to wearing the basic boxers or “tighty whities” that everyone thinks he should wear? At Funky Groom Gear, we say do away with the boring underwear for your wedding day! It is time for you to lighten the day with some of the fun groom underwear that we offer.

A Special Day Calls for Something Special

Your wedding day is a truly special day in your life, and you want to do all you can to make it memorable in every way. If your bride is going out of her way to wear something fun and different under her gown, you should be willing to go the extra step and do something yourself. That is why we offer a unique selection of underwear just for the groom. You can bypass your regular underwear for the day and get yourself a pair of our boxer briefs that are printed across the back with “Groom” in bold letters. Our briefs are 100% cotton for comfort and available in four different colors so you can choose something that is right for you.

Other Fun Stuff Too!

At Funky Groom Gear you can certainly get the fun groom underwear you are looking for, but you can also choose from a variety of other fun items for your day. We offer all kinds of groomsmen gifts that can add some extra fun to your wedding photos, like boxer briefs for the whole wedding party, sunglasses, socks, hats, t-shirts and much more. Items are available for customization or printing so that you can create a special look for your special day that everyone will remember.

Bring a Smile to the Wedding

If you want to bring a special smile to your bride’s face on your wedding, invest in a pair of our groom underwear. You can find our underwear and all of the items we currently have for sale right on our website at You can choose the items you want and have everything delivered right to you in time for your wedding, so you have something great to share with your new spouse.


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