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It is Not Too Personal – Buy the Groomsmen New Underwear!

groomsmen underwear

Your wife-to-be has been stressing about the wedding ever since you proposed, and making all the plans for the wedding has not seemed to ease the anxiety she feels about the big day as it gets closer. You have done all you can to ease the burden on her, going along and making things easier for her, making decisions and helping with the planning, but she is worried about you and your buddies and your side of the wedding party.  She wants to make sure that you are all impeccably dressed and look your best on the big day for pictures. You have known your buddies for many years, and you know all too well how they can be when it comes to organization and procrastination. It is okay for you to step up, take charge and make sure they have everything they need, right down to the new groomsmen underwear they can wear for the day.

Keeping it Together

Okay, buying underwear for the guys in your wedding party might sound a bit strange at first, but when you think about it, do you have complete confidence that they will follow through on everything and be on time, with their tuxedos, clean-shaven, with everything they need? It seems unlikely that they will all be able to keep it together, so it can be a good idea for you to plan ahead and have extras of things they might want or need, and sadly this might mean having new underwear available for them.

Get the Boxers

Since you should get groomsmen underwear anyway, you may as well get something that is fun and lighthearted, so the guys do not freak out when you offer them new underwear to wear for the wedding. Here at Funky Groom Gear, we can provide you with the basics you need that are printed with “Groomsman” on the rear, so it looks like it is just a fun item for the guys to wear for the wedding. You do not have to let them in on why you got the underwear; just let them run with it as a fun gift.

Place Your Order

There is no sense waiting until the last-minute to make sure you have the groomsmen underwear you know at least one of the guys will need for that day. Save yourself and your bridge from the worry and come to us at Funky Groom Gear for just what you need. You can go to our website and select the boxer briefs you need so that you can be the hero to your bride and the fun friend for your buddies.

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