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3 Groomsmen Gifts Under 20 Dollars

While you are making all of the plans for your wedding, one thing you want to be sure to remember is to get some gifts for the groomsmen in your bridal party. These are the guys that are going to stand up for you at your wedding and help you out and you want to have something to give them as a way to say thank you for participating in the event. Of course, you may not have much of budget to work with to get gifts for everyone, especially if you have five or six guys in your wedding party. Luckily there are so gift ideas you can choose that will not break the bank for you. Here are three groomsmen gifts under 20 dollars that you may want to consider.

A Pair of Shades

If you are having your wedding ceremony outside, a pair of sunglasses can be a great inexpensive gift for your groomsmen. You do not have to settle for a cheap pair you might find at the dollar store either. You can get a nice pair of sunglasses that have that classic look that you have seen Tom Cruise wear in the movies so everyone can look stylish and cool and spend less than ten dollars a pair.

Keep Your Drink Cold

Nothing says thanks to your close friends and buddies like sharing a cold drink together, so what could be better than wrapping that beer bottle in a special koozie to commemorate the occasion? You can find all kinds of koozies and bottle covers out there on the market today and most are very inexpensive. You can get bottle covers that made especially for weddings that have a tuxedo design on them and not spend much money at all.


Other Options for You

There are plenty of other options when you are looking for groomsmen gifts under 20 dollars. You can do funny items like a pair of boxer shorts or a pair of socks that are printed on to remember the event. Take a look at something practical like a toiletry bag that your buddies can use when they go away on trips.

You can get fun, interesting and affordable gifts for your groomsmen without spending a fortune on each item. For groomsmen gifts under 20 dollars that can be perfect take a look at what is available at www.funkygroomgear.com so you can find just what you need for your guys on your wedding day.

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