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Groom Socks – Do They Ever Get Noticed?

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A lot of what you do on your wedding day will get noticed by others. It seems like all eyes are on you and your bride throughout the day as people watch, monitor and document your every move and everything you say. Naturally, you want to look your best to make a great impression with family and friends, so you want your tuxedo or suit to match perfectly and have all the right wedding accessories to go with it. It may seem like a trivial thing to you, but each component of what you wear gets noticed and scrutinized. You may as well make the most of this opportunity and look your best and make a statement, right down to the groom socks you wear that day.

Make Sure You Match

It sounds like it is something every groom should know already, but you do want to make sure your outfit matches nicely across the board. People are going to take pictures of you all day and night long, and it will get noticed if something looks out of place. If your shoes do not match your tuxedo, your belt does not match your outfit or you forgot to wear socks or are wearing your traditional white tennis socks with the stripes instead of something that looks classy, someone will see it. You do not want your new wife and family cringing every time someone shows pictures from the wedding, and there you are with your smile, your tux, and odd-looking socks.

The Answer to Your Problem

Instead of worrying about how you will look, you can solve the problem right away with us and get yourself a pair of our groom socks. At Funky Groom Gear, we offer traditional black socks that will perfectly match what you are wearing. Beyond that, you can get socks that are screen printed with “Groom” on them, so everyone knows who you are and that you are having fun. This way, when the pictures get passed around, people will look at you and your socks and smile instead of wondering what you were thinking.

Plan Ahead and Get Them Now

Since you know, the potential is there for a problem with your socks, avoid a catastrophe and go ahead and get your groom socks from us at Funky Groom Gear. You can place your order on our website at and get them shipped to you in plenty of time for the wedding. Trust us – it will save you from a lifetime of getting made fun of and constant questions about your fashion sense.

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