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Finding fun gifts for the guys in your wedding party or even something fun for the groom can be tricky today. Most of us only have a certain amount of money to spend on gifts like this when planning a wedding, so finding something that fits into your budget and is still fun might seem impossible to you. That may have been true in the past, but not anymore thanks to us! At Funky Groom Gear, we have put together a great collection of gifts that are suitable for the groom or groomsmen in the wedding that are fun, fresh and affordable.

The Creative Gifts You Want

Do the guys in your wedding party or the groom really need another beer mug, bottle opener, tie or picture frame? The odds are pretty good that they have more of each than they will ever use and another gift like this will just end up in a box somewhere. We took the time to try to come up with creative and unique gifts that will have a practical use on the wedding day. We offer a variety of useful, fun and creative items that can be personalized to fit the recipient or event. You can choose things like sunglasses, beer koozies, socks, boxer briefs, t-shirts, hats and much more. The gifts are perfect to be worn and used for wedding photos, bachelor parties and receptions.

Gifts You Can Afford

At Funky Groom Gear we know how important it is that you be able to get quality gifts that fit into a tight budget. You are already spending a lot on your wedding day and everywhere that you can find some savings is going to help. Our gifts are all priced well so that they can be affordable to you even when they are personalized. We also are regularly running different sales on our website so that you can see even greater savings for your gifts.

See What We Have to Offer

Know that you know there is a place you can turn to for fun and affordable gifts for the groomsmen and groom, take the time to head over to our website at If you have an interest in getting a custom order you can give us a call at Funky Groom Gear at 818-724-4586 and speak to a representative that can work with you so you can be sure you get just the gifts you want for your wedding.

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