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Funky Groom Gear is the Shop for all of Your Wedding Novelties

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Whether you are planning your own DIY wedding, or have some assistance from a family member or a wedding planner, weddings can be incredibly time consuming events to plan. Which is why at Funky Groom Gear we make shopping for wedding novelties as easy as humanly possible. Funky Groom Gear prides itself in being a high-quality, one-stop-shop for all your wedding novelties. From wedding party gifts to day of the wedding party favors for the people who tirelessly worked to make your wedding come true, Funky Groom Gear has got you covered. Read on to learn more about the extensive wedding novelty selection that we carry for our customers.

The Devil is in The Details

The difference between a perfect wedding and your perfect wedding is always in the small details that you add. At Funky Groom Gear we make it our purpose to equip you with quirky wedding novelties that are guaranteed to make you smile and be excited for your wedding day. We provide a selection of silly trucker hats for groomsmen that they can either wear for a bit of swag during the ceremony or wait for a more casual setting during the reception or rehearsal dinner. In addition, our sunglasses are perfect for bridal parties and groomsmen. These sunglasses are perfect for silly pictures, to keep the harsh sun out of your wedding party'sā€™ eyes during the reception, and many of them even also have a bottle opening function to make use of during the reception. Trust Funky Groom Gear to ensure the details of your wedding novelties are the perfect amount of silly and useful.

Keeping it Classy

Most couples want their wedding to have an air of sophistication. Which is why at Funk Groom Gear we provide a variety of classic and classy wedding novelties that will impress your wedding party. For example, we provide a selection of engraved and embroidered items that can be personalized for members of your wedding party so you can show your appreciation for their efforts. Engraved cigar boxes, Monogrammed toiletry bags, and engraved can koozies are just some of the elegant wedding novelties that are available at Funky Groom Gear.

Order from Funky Groom Gear today for wedding novelties today! All orders over seventy-five dollars ship free. To order the perfect wedding novelties today, simply call 818-724-4586!

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