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But What about the Feet? Groomsmen Socks to Complete the Outfit

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You want to make sure that you, as the groom, and all of the guys in your wedding party are looking sharp on your wedding day. You may have a particular style of suit or tuxedo to wear in mind for you and the group and you are going to spend time choosing, getting fitted and getting all of the accessories you need so everyone looks their best. Things like your tie, a vest, shoes or even suspenders are all important to make the outfit, but there is one thing you do not want to forget about that you are not going to rent – the socks. Getting matching groomsmen socks from us at Funky Groom Gear can be just what you need to complete the outfit.

Socks do Matter

Right now you are probably thinking – who cares what socks are being worn? It may not seem like a big deal to you until one of the guys in your wedding party decides to wear his white sweat socks from the gym that morning and stands out like a sore thumb in your wedding pictures and videos. Why not avoid the potential problem that can come up and get some special socks for the wedding day? We offer black socks printed with Groom, Best Man and Groomsman so you can get a pair for everyone involved (including yourself) and having matching socks and something fun that you can actually show off in your pictures.

Other Matching Items Available

When you shop with us you do not have to stop at getting groomsmen socks. We offer other great items like sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, boxer briefs and more that can be added to all of your wardrobes for the big day. The unique gifts you can find on our website can add to the overall fun of the day and provide some great photos for your wedding album or video. Customization is available so you can get items made just for your day.

The Gifts You Have Been Looking For

You can find the groomsmen socks you want for your wedding party, along with other unique and creative items all for sale at our website at If you are looking for any type of customization, please feel free to call us directly at Funky Groom Gear at 818-724-4586 so we can discuss what you are looking for and let you know what your options are. You can have your wedding party dressed perfectly for the special day from top to bottom.

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