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Best Novelty Gifts for Weddings

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If you’ve been invited to a wedding and you don’t know what to give to the couple, here are some of the best novelty gifts for weddings that you might want to consider. These presents are suitable for any main players in the big day.

Marriage is a celebration of the unique bond between two people who love each other and want to party a lot. With that, it means inevitable novelty gifts for weddings

1. The Boss Mug

One novelty gifts you can give is a mug. But not just one mug. Rather, a pair of personalized mugs. One says “[name of guy] is the boss” and the other “[name of girl] is the real boss.”

2. The Wanted Props

Another pair of gifts you can give is the "wanted" props. In here, the recipients will get two Wanted photo frames.

What makes them funny and unique is that below the frame, you’ll find the description of the couples. For the “husband wanted” photo frame, you’ll get the requirements of what the girl would want, and it should match the characteristics of the groom. It’s also the same with the “wife wanted” frame.

3. Tea or Coffee

You can also have personalized mugs. One will say, “He loves brewed or espresso.” And another mug has a label of “She loves dark coffee.”

4. Wedding Cigar box

If one or both couple smoke, you could give them a cigar box. It’s a personalized cigar box that you can choose to laser engraved the pair’s name.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcases

In here, your recipients will get two soft pillowcases. Personalize it with the couple’s surnames.

Picking the Right Presents

The obvious place to start is to know what the couples enjoy most. But don’t think about their distinct hobbies or interests.

Instead, consider the little things that they seem to get involved in. For example, if the couples want to entertain guests, you can give them a microphone.

Draw a list of your recipient’s favorite things. From there, you can find gifts that suit them most.

The couple will surely appreciate gifts that relate to them. By taking the time to know what the couples get real joy will help you make the present buying experience more fun and straightforward.

Then, pay attention to what they say. Often, they would give you some hints on what they’re looking for. Listening to them will also help you get the true novelty gifts for your friends’ weddings.

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