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How To Find The Best Groom Gifts

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Weddings are not just about the bride. Rather, they’re also about the groom. So, on this list, let’s talk about the best groom gifts you can give to ensure that he’ll feel loved and appreciated.

It’s only fair for your groom to get something special on your wedding day. Well, that’s apart from the gift of being with you forever.

Although you can always go for traditional options, don’t underestimate the appeal of these best groom gifts that can be meaningful to your man.

1. A season ticket

Is your man a lover of football? If he is, why not purchase a season ticket that lets him and his friends watch their favorite team. Or the two of you can go together before you go for your honeymoon.

If he’s not into sports, you can buy him tickets of his favorite band. Doing so will let him feel how much he means to you. And he’ll surely appreciate it.

2. Bottle of wine

The best groom gift doesn't have to cost the earth. Keep in mind that his mind may feel a bit jittery before the wedding, just like you. So, why not give him a bottle of wine.

If he’s a smoker, allow him to have a puff by giving him a box of cigars to calm his nerves. Another way to calm him down is to have his favorite breakfast delivered to his room. He’ll not only enjoy it but his groomsmen will too.

Don’t forget to accompany your gift with a handwritten letter. Tell him how much you can’t wait for the wedding to end and make him your official husband. To ensure he’ll feel romantic, spray your signature scent on the paper.

3. Watch

Now, if you wish to go traditional, you can’t go wrong with a watch. A pocket watch is also nice if he’s an old-school guy. To make it more personal, have his initials and your date of the wedding engraved.

However, for a modern man, you can give him a wrist watch or a smartwatch, if he’s into fitness. Then, attach a note saying “See you at [time of your wedding].”

No matter what groom gifts you give to your man, he’ll appreciate them. But make sure that the gifts represent how you feel about him.

The presents can be funny, unique or romantic. It’s really up to you. The main goal here is just to remind your groom that you can’t wait to be his spouse, officially.     


4. Engraved Cigar Boxes

If you really want to step up the game and get something very unqiue and memorable, engraved cigar boxes arew a timeless classy gift passed along for decades. Funky Groom Gear offers custom engraved boxes as one of their highest rated items.

A personalized hand stained cigar box comes in Black, Oak, or Beech. These cigar boxes are able to be engraved with 3 initials on the plate, making a memory that lasts a lifetime.  

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